Robert Postak At It Again

After being accused of taking money from PAIS School in Bangkok for trashing everyone who talked about their negative experiences with the school, is Robert Postak at it again? Has he been hired to be the one of the hatchet men along with Richard Lavis to run TEFL International’s Anti Teacher board?

Oh, the board owners claim that they have many different teachers on the board, but on that anti TEFLWatch board, you’ll only find people who sure talk a lot like TEFL International workers. Topper aka Robert Postak has taken an interest in that board as well as accused pedophile Richard Lavis. (There is no proof about Richard Lavis being a pedophile, but he has been accused of it in the past!)

The question is, if the board is run by TEFL International, then why do they feel the need to team up with individuals considered to be desipicable by many in the TEFL community? At least we all know where Bob Postak stands in all of this.

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