Robert Postak At It Again

August 6, 2008

After being accused of taking money from PAIS School in Bangkok for trashing everyone who talked about their negative experiences with the school, is Robert Postak at it again? Has he been hired to be the one of the hatchet men along with Richard Lavis to run TEFL International’s Anti Teacher board?

Oh, the board owners claim that they have many different teachers on the board, but on that anti TEFLWatch board, you’ll only find people who sure talk a lot like TEFL International workers. Topper aka Robert Postak has taken an interest in that board as well as accused pedophile Richard Lavis. (There is no proof about Richard Lavis being a pedophile, but he has been accused of it in the past!)

The question is, if the board is run by TEFL International, then why do they feel the need to team up with individuals considered to be desipicable by many in the TEFL community? At least we all know where Bob Postak stands in all of this.


February 11, 2008

Topper has some supporters for his exploits online, one of them is Kidneystone. He used to be a moderator until he whigged out one day like some freak of nature. Here is a video of him being interviewed by students. I guess he teaches at Mahidol University.

More Truth Comes Out

February 10, 2008

There is more truth about this guy Topper, I think named Bob Postak, and his sidekick who I think is named Richard Lavis. It seems there are schools out there that we attempted to be bribed. I think the evidence will point to these two. More on that later. Now, on to Faith Christian Academy.

It turns turn out that on the forum we mentioned last time, people have come forward to talk about the illegal nature of the school and to confirm what we have already posted. Posters on Siam Pinoy have been drilling Topper for several days to produce any kind of proof that the school is legitimate. Instead, he has dodged the questions in the face of proof posted that confirms he is marketing an unregistered school.

What School is He Promoting?

February 5, 2008

He was also caught promoting his wife’s school, Faith Christian Academy on the internet. The problem with that is that the school is illegal and it is not registered with the proper authorities.

Never mind that he is claiming this on a popular Filipino Discussion Forum in Thailand:

Faith Christian Academy of Bangkok. It is run by two very experienced management/teachers and have experienced staff, all Filipino. They ran a school in the Philippines and have since moved to Thailand to help with the many Filipino children here needing an education the students can understand. They are acreditted by several worldwide organizations and have been teaching in Thailand for over 4 years.

It is interesting since he is unable to prove that the school is accredited and that it is run by Filipinos. A quick call to the Ministry of Education in Thailand proves that there is no school registered in Thailand by the name of Faith Christian Academy.

Here is a picture of the owners of the school, the wife (possibly named Pliny), mother in law and father in law of this guy called Topper, possibly named Robert or Bob Postak. The man in red is supposedly an official of the Philippine Embassy in Thailand.


Who is this Topper Guy?

February 4, 2008

There is a man posting on many internet forums in Thailand using the name Topper. He is a man that has an illustrious past. He is also accused of using his position as a moderator on a popular forum to take bribes from school. It is even alleged that he sent out emails to school trying to solicit bribes. It has been said that his real name is Robert Postak, but I am unable to verify who he is.

Here is a picture of him: